Your winery at Lake Balaton


Dry, aromatic, opulent, well-balanced, full-flavoured, medium-bodied

Drinking temperature 10° - 12° C

Ideal with fish, roasts, vegetarian dishes and cheese


Kéknyelű (Limited Edition)

Dry, richly nuanced, opulent, spicy and full-flavoured, full-bodied

Drinking temperature  12° - 14° C

Ideal with fish, roasts, vegetarian dishes but also with fruit and dessert


14,5 % vol  2013  15,3 % vol

11,3 % vol  2015   10,7 % vol

12,3 % vol  2016  13,5 % vol

          –          2018  11,25 % vol

Wine-growing with love you can taste!

D’Oro Vin – Your winery at Lake Balaton

At the foot of the extinct Badacsony volcano, embedded in basalt rocks, lies our winery D’Oro Vin. Since 1994 we have grown our delicious Hungarian white wine on this fertile volcanic soil that overlooks Lake Balaton. We have always striven for products of highest quality and release our wines exclusively in select small-scale editions of a few thousand bottles. In addition to the Hárslevelű variety, we cultivate the vines of one of the oldest and now extremely rare varieties – the Kéknyelű. From the grapes of the Kéknyelű originates our very special limited edition resulting in only a few hundred bottles, making Kéknyelű a treasured white wine from Lake Balaton in Hungary.

Grape Varieties

We grow two old Hungarian grape varieties on our vineyard in Hungary. Hárslevelű, the lime-leaf-petalled vine whose name originates from the shape of its leaves and Kéknyelű, which is named after the colour of its blue stalks.



The grapes of Hárslevelű produce a spicy, full-flavoured white wine with a strong bouquet. It is also rich in colour, which can range from a luscious yellow to lighter shades of green. Blossoming late, Hárslevelű is more sensitive to drought or frost, making harvesting at the right time ever so important. Relatively unknown outside of Hungary, its direct ancestry from the better-known Furmint makes Hárslevelű a hidden gem.


Kéknyelű (Limited Edition)

The grape Kéknyelű variety is very special because of its rarity. This grape produces wine that is very aromatic, richly nuanced, and spicy, making it highly regarded among connoisseurs. Growing Kéknyelű is challenging as climate, soil condition and cultivation must all be in harmony. At Lake Balaton, in the area of Badascony, the growing conditions are perfect. Situated on a hillside, our vineyard offers nutritious volcanic soil and receives countless hours of sunlight. We add lots of love and care for wine-growing, which allows us to release this rare wine in a limited edition every year.



For our delicious white wine, we do not use any synthetic sprays, and work with methods that have been applied in vineyard cultivation since before the turn of the century. The ground between our grape vines is covered in a natural plant cover of herbs, grasses and flowers. This protects the precious soil from being stripped away by rain, and from being desiccated by sun, heat and wind. The climate at Lake Balaton, on the hillsides of the old volcanos, is unique. Facing the sun makes intense ripening and late vintage possible. Nutritious volcanic soil offers a perfect foundation. As part of our high quality standards, we take time to carry out all work on the vineyard manually with a passion for detail. The result is an exclusive and limited release of around 3500 bottles per year.

The exclusive indulgence in your limited-edition moment

Our wines are carefully selected and pressed with a passion for detail. We personally accompany and take every step carefully starting from tending vines, to harvesting, to bottling. In doing so, we create wine for exclusive limited-edition-moments. It can be enjoyed at an evening for two, an anniversary celebration or for a small and exclusive time-out from everyday life. Indulge in the golden sun of Hungary, embedded in flavours and scents of herbs, berries and flowers. Authentic moments of happiness are rare but special – just like our wine. Experience your own limited-edition moment with D’Oro Vin.